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Hope it can tunnel under the floods.…

5 hours ago

Pelosi parrots line of John Bolton and Elliott Abrams. Meanwhile, where are the protests about this from her “libe……

Retweeted 13 hours ago

@dc_us If you can't eat their free lunch, drink their booze, go on their radio show, then vote against them, you've……

1 day ago in reply to dc_us

Hope they self-drive the company into the ground! #deleteLyft #deleteUber…

1 day ago

Concise statement on the free market fundamentalist scheme put forward by the super-rich and their minions to corne……

Retweeted 2 days ago

@FuckCons We've heard there's an effective vaccine against cooties, but it doesn't work on us because we once talke……

2 days ago in reply to FuckCons

@charliearchy Kind of a stretch to infer Holocaust denial from Baraka's comments about oil wars.

2 days ago in reply to charliearchy

The "cooties" theory of politics: people can catch the fringe political views of everybody they come in contact wit……

3 days ago

We've always known that the Russia conspiracy-mongering would be turned on the left whether or not it succeeded in……

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