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How Green is your Supe? Our legislative report card for 2018 is now posted:…

13 hours ago

Important thread. Support immigrants who may be at risk to check if they a removal order. Don’t do ICE’s fear monge……

Retweeted 17 hours ago

Celebrity Russiagaters. It looks like a game show. LOL…

Retweeted 1 day ago

Condolences to all the Portlanders buried under this unexpected rockslide.…

3 days ago

I’ve always been suspicious of this “wind turbines kill birds” story — I feel like people are too eager to gleefull……

Retweeted 3 days ago

Happy Juneteenth! The Green Party is the largest US political party that supports #Reparations.

4 days ago

Too bad the writer is such a wing nut, or we might make common cause against the corrupt Dem establishment in SF.…

5 days ago

BART directors: why is ridership down? we probably need more cops to shoo out homeless people. yeah, that’s the tic……

Retweeted 6 days ago

Trump's lame dog-wagging attempt hasn't fooled anybody except the most credulous conspiracy theorists.…

1 week ago

As the Trump regime busily manufactures a rationale to attack Iran, I'm going to repeat this heresy, because, with……

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