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amazing how war spending is either expressly exempt from spending caps or just outright ignores spending cap becaus……

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Confused about the difference between #Keystone1 & #KeystoneXL? Here's a helpful map and key facts: 1. Keystone 1……

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Grad students will have to be paid with private planes.…

2 days ago

It’s not a matter of IF pipelines leak it’s a matter of WHEN. #noKXL #defundKXL…

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Al Franken's about to get in trouble for sexual harassment/assault while taking part in a perfectly respectable gen……

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Cities are making people pay to be prosecuted. Busted garage door? Minor fine. (Plus $18,500 for the prosecution.)……

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Detroit cops posing as drug dealers tried to arrest Detroit cops posing as drug buyers and then they all had a fist……

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This was an especially good Tweet since it flushed out both Republican & Dem trolls!…

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To become a member of the Green Party, you can register online from any county in California.  As of September 2012, everything can be done securely online without mailing in any paper!


The Green Party is an independent party based on Ten Key Values, one of which is "future focus."  America can't be turned into a multi-party democracy overnight. But it's a necessary reform towards solving the real problems we face.


Unlike all other political parties in the US, all our policies and endorsements are decided by our grassroots activists, not from the top down by elected officials.  In the SF Green Party, anybody who spends an afternoon registering Greens at a street fair has a direct and equal voice in our decisions.  It's easy to get involved and make a difference!


If you'd like to become more active in the party, just look for volunteer opportunities at events on our calendar.  Some other events, and all our meetings, are announced our newsletter.  You can find the latest one in our newsletter archives if you don't subscribe.  Stop in at a meeting and meet us--all our meetings are open to the public, and new members are welcome!  We meet on the 4th Wednesdays of every month from 7-9 pm at our new office in the Redstone Building, (usually room 301, sometimes in a larger room--we post signs downstairs near the door of the building).  The Redstone Building is at 2940 16th Street, between the 16th St BART station and South Van Ness.