November 2022 Endorsements

These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the November 8, 2022 election.  We will be posting a complete Green Voter Guide here with full explanations of the reasons behind our endorsements, and also mailing a summary of our Voter Guide to our members.  If you can help contribute to the costs of this mailing, please click the "Donate" link on the left.



Local Offices: (several other contests are pending a decision by our members):

  • John Hamasaki for District Attorney
  • Rebecca Susan Feng Young for Public Defender
  • William Walker for Community College Board
  • No endorsements for Board of Education
  • No endorsement for BART Board
  • No endorsement for Assessor
  • No endorsement for D2 Supervisor
  • No endorsement for D4 Supervisor
  • No endorsement for D6 Supervisor
  • No endorsement for D8 Supervisor
  • Shamann Walton for D10 Supervisor


Local Props: These are the endorsements of local props that we've made so far.

  • No on A: Limits increases in pensions for some City retirees
  • No on B: Reverses voter-approved changes to create Department of Sanitation and Streets
  • Yes on C: Homelessness oversight commission
  • No on D: Redefines luxury housing as "affordable"
  • No on E: Skips environmental review of "affordable" housing development
  • Yes on F: Extend library preservation fund
  • Yes on G: Minor increase to school funding
  • No on H: Eliminates elections in odd numbered years, giving more power to the Mayor
  • No on I: Cars everywhere
  • Yes on J: Car-free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park
  • No on K: "Amazon Tax" that wouldn't apply to Amazon (removed from ballot)
  • Yes on L: Keep sales tax to fund transit
  • Yes on M: Tax on keeping residential apartments vacant
  • Yes on N: Take over Golden Gate Park garage
  • Yes on O: Parcel tax to fund City College (restoring some of the classes that were cut)

State Props:

  • Yes on 1: Protect abortion rights
  • No on 26: Regressive tax on addicts, loss of tribal sovereignty, supports animal cruelty
  • No on 27:  Just like 26, but with some window dressing for homeless services
  • Yes on 28: Minor net increase in art and music funding for K-12 schools
  • Yes on 29: Another battle between SEIU-UHW and corporations that run dialysis clinics
  • No on 30: Lyft-sponsored proposition to defund public transit, subsidize electric cars and clear-cut forests
  • Yes on 31:  Uphold the ban on flavored tobacco products