June 2022 Endorsements

The primary election is on June 7, 2022, but everybody will receive ballots in the mail about a month before that.  These are the SF Green Party's endorsements.  We will be mailing a card to all our members, and writing a longer Green Voter Guide to be posted here with a longer explanation of these endorsements.


Greens made early endorsements of NO on H (recall of DA Chesa Boudin), as well as the "Left Unity Slate."


The Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party are jointly fielding this slate in  the 2022 statewide races.  This cooperative strategy increases the likelihood that both parties will be able to reach 2% of the vote in at least one statewide race, which is the minimum threshold needed to retain ballot status.


  • Luis Rodriguez (Green), Governor
  • Mohammad Arif (Peace and Freedom), Lt. Governor
  • Gary Blenner (Green), Secretary of State
  • Laura Wells (Green), Controller
  • Dan Kapelovitz (Green), Attorney General
  • Meghann Adams (Peace and Freedom), Treasurer
  • Nathalie Hrizi (Peace and Freedom), Insurance Commissioner
  • Marco Amaral (Decline to State), State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • John Parker (Peace and Freedom), US Senate

Our local endorsements are:


NO on A:  "Transit bond" that is not required to be spent on transit


Yes on B:  Building inspection commission


No on C:  Major restrictions on the recall process


No on D:  Mayoral takeover of victims' rights services


Yes on E:  Restrictions on behested payments


No on F:  New trash rates board run by the Mayor


Yes on G:  Public health emergency leave


NO on H:  Republican-sponsored recall of DA Chesa Boudin