November 2020 Endorsements

These are the SF Green Party's final endorsements for the November 2020 election.  We will be mailing a postcard to all registered Greens in SF.  Please donate to this effort (using the donation link on the left) if you can.  We will also publish a Green Voter Guide (online, here) with the reasons behind our endorsements.


President and Vice PresidentHowie Hawkins and Angela Walker (nominated at our national convention in July)


SF Board of Supervisors:

School Board: Matt Alexander, Kevine Boggess, Mark Sanchez


College Board: Aliya Chisti, Anita Martinez, Geramye Teeter


BART Board: no endorsement


Local Ballot Measures:

  • No on A: bond to fund Mayor's slush fund
  • Yes on B: split Sanitation and Streets department off from Public Works
  • Yes on C:  Allow non-citizens to serve on City commissions
  • Yes on D:  Sheriff oversight
  • No on E: ineffective police staffing proposal
  • Yes on F: makes business taxes more progressive
  • Yes on G:  Youth voting (16 year olds in local elections)
  • No on H: Neighborhood gentrification districts
  • Yes on I:  Increase real estate transfer tax on most expensive properties
  • No on J: repeal and replace parcel tax for SFUSD (we like the current parcel tax for teachers)
  • Yes on K:  Permit 10,000 units of social housing
  • Yes on L: tax on companies where executives make 100x as much as workers
  • No on RR: regressive sales tax for Caltrain (should be free to riders, paid for by state or local budgets)


State Ballot Measures:

  • No on 14: regressive bonds for stem cell research (should be part of state budget)
  • Yes on 15:  Split tax rolls for commercial and residential property
  • Yes on 16:  Repeal prop 209; allow affirmative action
  • Yes on 17:  Voting rights for people on parole
  • Yes on 18:  Youth voting (17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the general election)
  • no position on Prop 19: Allows transfer of property tax basis to all counties in CA, changes taxes on inherited properties
  • No on 20: fascist proposal to lock up more people and collect DNA from people convicted of misdemeanors
  • Yes on 21:  More rent control
  • NO on 22:  Allows Uber and Lyft to continue classifying their drivers as "contractors" in order to avoid taxes and regulations
  • Yes on 23: dialysis regulation, to help SEIU-UHW West
  • No on 24: water down consumer privacy laws
  • Yes on 25: keep laws eliminating cash bail (but we call on Democrats in the CA legislature to do this in a less racist way)