Endorsement against new KPFA bylaws

The San Francisco Green Party is endorsing a "no" vote on the New Day Pacifica by-laws referendum.  If you are a member of our local Pacifica station, KPFA, you should get your ballot in June, by email.


We feel that with democratic media, in the case of listener sponsored radio,
a listener’s right to vote and to participate in an arena free of commercial
corporate influence is essential to struggle for Green values—social justice,
decentralization, environmental sustainability, grassroots democracy, and
nonviolence—and the proposed bylaws are fundamentally undemocratic.  We are unsettled to see that they have no endorsers from Pacifica's East Coast stations, WBAI-New York City, and WPFW-Washington DC, which have the network's largest Black audience and staff.  We are also disturbed by the bizarre Greenbaiting by proponents of the New Day bylaws, as described by Project Censored producer Anthony Fest in "March Madness: McCarthyism at KPFA".  This seems to reflect the dangerous narrowing of permissible speech, opinion, and action in the US at this point in time.


More info is on the "Pacifica Democracy Project" website.