KPFA Local Station Board Endorsements 2021

If you're a KPFA member, please be sure to vote for the Rescue Pacifica candidates in the Local Station Board (LSB) election.  It is being conducted using ranked choice voting.  Ballots were sent out by email on Aug 16, and voting goes through Oct 15.  We have endorsed the nine Rescue Pacifica candidates, as listed below.  (More info about Rescue Pacifica is here: ).

This year's election is vital to preserve democracy at KPFA and Pacifica!  Individuals involved with the opposing faction worked to gut the powers of the LSB and they've filed lawsuits to try to take control of KPFA and the Pacifica network.  Please use your democratic voting rights to maintain and strengthen the LSB by voting for the Rescue Pacifica candidates as your top nine choices!

Please vote for all nine of the following candidates as your top choices (in any order):

Rich Stone *
Daniel Borgstrom *
Don Macleay *
James McFadden *
Adisa Armand
Donna Carter
Pete Farruggio
Amber Jayanti
Elizabeth Milos

* = Registered Greens; note that Rich Stone is a County Council member here in San Francisco.

Thank you for standing up for democracy and supporting progressive, independent radio!