November 2011 Endorsements

The Green Party has endorsed the following candidates and propositions:


#1 choice - Terry Baum.  The Green Party made an early endorsement of Terry Joan Baum for Mayor.  She's most in line with our values, and is a clear first choice for Greens.

#2 choice - John Avalos.

#3 choice - Jeff Adachi.

Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi (sole endorsement)

DA - David Onek (sole endorsement).  However, we encourage Greens to rank 3 choices in this contest, in order to be sure George Gascon is not elected.

no consensus on A
NO on B
NO on C
NO on D
NO on E
NO on F
no consensus on G
NO on H

You can read the full Voter Guide (PDF file), including articles by Greens, by clicking on the image below:


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