A Green New Deal for San Francisco

The "Green New Deal" has long been a key part of Green Party platforms.  The idea was first popularized by European Greens in 2006, and was introduced to the US by various Green campaigns, including Howie Hawkins for NY Governor in 2010 and Jill Stein's campaigns for President in 2012 and 2016.  It's a major plank in Hawkins' campaign for President as a Green in 2020.  Progressive Democrats have also picked up the idea: Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her own version, as does Senator Bernie Sanders.



What would a Green New Deal look like for San Franciscans?  The SF Green Party believes that implementing the following policies would set San Francisco on a path towards a more sustainable, ecosocialist economy, and we urge San Francisco politicians to enact as many of these as possible without waiting on the state or federal government (or other countries) to rescue us from our current trajectory of ecological collapse.


  • Social housing - public housing for San Franciscans of all income levels, as proposed in the SF Community Housing Act.

  • SF Municipal bank, which will offer deposit accounts and loans to San Franciscans, capitalized by removing all SF funds from commercial banks.

  • Municipalize PG&E, towards 100% carbon/nuclear/dam-free energy.

  • Municipal utilities must give hiring preferences to people from areas subject to environmental injustice.
  • Reparations for historical victims of environmental injustice in the SE quadrant.

  • Lower voting age to 16, so those impacted by climate change cannot be dismissed.

  • Ban on new construction at elevations likely to be flooded within 100

  • Anti-speculator measures - housing as a right, vacancy/flipping fees.

  • Improved Medicare for All San Franciscans.  No co-pays, no deductibles, no out of pocket costs when you need care.  Eyeglasses, dental, mental health and long term care is included.

  • Fully fund eviction protection measures.

  • Free rent for Treasure Island residents.

  • Save Free City College, no class cuts.
  • Toxic cleanup - radiation, heavy metals, gas tanks, etc. BV/TI focus.

  • Subsidies to replace fossil fuel infrastructure (e.g., gas lines in old houses) with renewables.
  • Transit tax on large corporations, on parking spaces in new office and residential projects, on Uber/Lyft/other fake taxis, and on private shuttle buses.