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From Dana Milbank, Trite Objections To Jill Stein…

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“PBS Censors Jill Stein on the NewsHour” by @0rf… #election2016

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Thanks to @SFPublicPress for shining light on dark monied places & perps in #SanFranciscoLand culture of corruption…

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Our endorsements on ballot propositions for #Election2016 are now posted. Candidates will be endorsed on 9/6.…

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Mixer & Grassroots Organizing Event: Oakland CA… #GreenParty @DrJillStein #SteinBaraka @SFGreenParty @Libertea2012

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Rally now on 7th and mission in solidarity with Sioux people blocking pipeline in North Dakota

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Bad news: thanks to climate change, SF will have to host every Summer Olympics.…

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Nov SF Voter Information Pamphlet may be 300 pages! Request by Sept 19 to stop it mailed to you and read online:…

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November 2016 Endorsements

There will be a lot on this November's ballot, so we have started making our endorsements early!  We will continue making endorsements of candidates at a candidate forum and endorsement meeting on September 6 (Mojo Theater on the 2nd floor of the Redstone Bldg, 6-9 pm). We've sent questionnaires to candidates for Supervisor, BART, School Board, and College Board.  We will post answers to our questionnaires before the forum.  We will also post a complete voter guide with all of the reasoning behind each of our ensorsements.


We have endorsed Francisco Herrera for District 11 Supervisor! 


Francisco finished second to Ed Lee in last year's Mayoral race, and is now running to replace John Avalos, who is termed out from the Board of Supervisors. Find about more about Francisco and his campaign on his Facebook page


Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are the Green Party candidates for President and VP of the United States!


For all those inspired by Bernie Sanders, we welcome you to continue the political revolution, in a party that actually shares your values!  Find out more about Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka on her website.


Candidates:  In addition to Francisco, we will make other endorsements of local candidates (including ranked choice endorsements) at a special meeting in September.  Candidates for School Board, College Board, Supervisor, and BART Board have been sent questionnaires.  We have already endorsed Victor Hwang for Superior Court Judge (that election was originally in June and will have a runoff in Nobember).


State Propositions:

  • NO on 51 - limits on developer fees, masquerading as a school bond
  • no endorsement on 52 - the CA legislature could extend the hospital fee in order to obtain federal Medi-Cal matching funds, without going to the voters
  • NO on 53 - require voter approval for revenue bond-funded projects (although we still vehemently oppose Jerry Brown's Delta tunnels plan)
  • YES on 54 - recording legislative sessions, allow time to read bills before voting
  • YES on 55 - extend income taxes on rich people
  • YES on 56 - increased tobacco taxes
  • YES on 57 - increase parole opportunties (we don't think ANY kids should be tried as adults)
  • YES on 58 - reform (and eventually repeal) Prop 227, California's English-only education law
  • YES on 59 - advisory measure to repeal Citizens United (unlimited corporate political donations)
  • NO on 60 - condoms in porn (we support better health care and testing regulations, and oppose criminalizing the sex industry)
  • YES on 61 - make state agencies pay the same price as the US Dept of Veterans Affairs for drugs
  • YES on 62 - ending the Death Penalty in California
  • NO on 63 - restrictions on ammunition that don't apply to retired police
  • YES on 64 - legalize recreational use of marijuana
  • NO on 65 - attempt to undermine plastic bag ban
  • NO on 66 - speeding up Death Penalty cases
  • YES on 67 - upholding the statewide single-use plastic bag ban


Local Propositions:

  • YES on A - school bond (although we have our usual reservations about bonds)
  • YES on B - parcel tax to fund City College
  •  NO on C - $260 million bond to fund displacement of SF residents by private landlords
  • YES on D - allow people to vote in special elections to fill vacant Supervisorial seats, rather than having them filled by the Mayor
  • YES on E - City will maintain street trees, rather than property owners
  • YES on F - allowing 16-17 yr olds to vote in local elections
  • YES on G - an almost meaningless renaming of the Office of Citizens Complaints, that will at least make their budget independent of the SFPD's budget
  • YES on H - decentralizing some of the Mayor's power into a new citywide elected Public Advocate position
  • NO on I - set-aside of some of the SF City Budget to a Mayor-controlled agency that would provide services to seniors and adults with disabilities (although we support more funding for this purpose, the Supervisors can fund such programs without creating a new agency that's ripe for corruption and unaccountable to the voters)
  • NO on J - set-aside of some of the SF City Budget to fund homeless services, housing, and transportation improvements (like Prop I, this would give more power to the Mayor, encourage corruption, and have less oversight by our elected Supervisors)
  • NO on K - increase the regressive sales tax to 9.25%
  • YES on L - gives the Board of Supervisors some appointments to the SFMTA, and allows them to reject the budget with 6 votes instead of 7
  • YES on M - creates a Housing and Development Commission, which would decentralize Mayoral power and give the Board of Supervisors more input into development
  • YES on N - allowing noncitizen parents/guardians of SFUSD kids to vote in school board elections
  • NO on O - further gentrification of Bayview
  • NO on P - a measure that encourage corruption by allowing the Mayor more opportunities to pick politically connected developers to build projects, with a lack of public transparency
  • NO on Q - symbolic "open sidewalks" measure to encourage police to ignore serious crimes and instead push homeless people from one block to the next
  • NO on R - misleading "safe neighborhoods" measure to create a full-time police unit specifically to push homeless people from one block to the next (it will create much more UNSAFE neighborhoods by taking police away from investigating serious crimes)
  • NO on S - set aside hotel tax income to be used for arts and programs to help homeless families.  As is the case with Props I and J, these programs are something the Supervisors could fund now if they wanted to, without going to the ballot
  • YES on T - restricting gifts and contributions from lobbyists
  •  NO on U - changes the definition of "affordable housing" to "unaffordable to most residents who live here"
  • no consensus on V - 1 cent per ounce soda tax, that would go into the SF General fund.  We did not reach consensus on endorsing either yes or no on this proposition, for much the same reason that we did not reach consensus on the 2014 soda tax.
  • YES on W - real estate transfer tax on $5 million+ properties
  • YES on X - preserve space for arts, small business, and community services in Mission, SOMA
  • YES on RR - $3.5 million bond to fund BART maintenance, with extreme reservations due to the BART board's near-perfect track record of mismanagement and boondoggles


And although this will not be on the public ballot in November, for those of you who are KPFA members, we have endorsed the United for Community Radio slate of candidates in their station board elections.


June 2016 Endorsements

These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the June 2016 election.  We will be mailing a postcard like the one below to all our members, so if you can help, please click the "Donate" link to the left.


A complete Green Voter Guide is now posted.  Click "read more" to see full explanations of the reasons behind our endorsements.


Five candidates are on our primary ballot in California, competing to be the Green Party nominee for President.  (Note that we do not generally endorse in Green Party primaries).  They are:

Local candidates:

Barry Hermanson for Congress, CD12

Victor Hwang and Sigrid Irias for Judge (dual endorsement)


Local propositions:

YES on A: bond for SF General Hospital

NO on  B: Set-asides for corrupt Rec & Park department

YES on  C: Charter Amendment for Affordable Housing

YES on  D: Office of Citizen Complaints

YES on  E: Paid Sick Leave


Other propositions:

No position on AA: Parcel tax for Bay restoration

No position on 50: Legislative suspension process

Early endorsement for November:

Francisco Herrera for Supervisor, District 11


If you re-registered in order to vote in another party's primary, please re-join the Greens after June 7 to help us stay on the ballot!


Click below to read our complete Green Voter Guide:


Read more: June 2016 Endorsements

November 2014 endorsements

These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the November 2014 election.  We are mailing a postcard like the one below to all our members, so if you can donate to this effort please click the "Donate" link to the left.  We also need volunteers to help us hand these out.

Our complete Voter Guide is now posted.  Click "read more" to see full explanations of the reasons behind our endorsements.

Local Props:

NO on A - transit bond with very little oversight

YES on B - set aside money from the General Fund to fund the MTA, increasing with population growth

YES on C - property tax to pay for more public pre-K education and other programs to benefit kids

YES on D - allow former Redevelopment Agency employees into the Retiree Health Care system

no consensus on E - Soda tax; we were split on this, so we'll present the arguments made by Greens on both sides of the debate

YES on F - raise height limits for development on Pier 70

YES on G - anti-speculation real estate transfer tax

YES on H - keep Golden Gate Park natural grass, no stadium lighting by the beach

NO on I  - stop nighttime lighting and fake turf on our parks; let voters decide

YES on J - minimum wage increase

NO on K - nonbinding statement that supports building less affordable housing than current policy

NO on L -  "transportation balance" proposal


Local Candidates:

SF Board of Supervisors, D2 - Juan-Antonio Carballo (sole endorsement)

SF Board of Supervisors, D4 - no endorsement

SF Board of Supervisors, D6 - Jamie Whitaker (sole endorsement)

SF Board of Supervisors, D8 - no endorsement

SF Board of Supervisors, D10 - Tony Kelly (sole endorsement)

SF Community College Board, 2-year seat - William Walker

SF Community College Board, 4-year seats - Wendy Aragon and Brigitte Davila

State Assembly, AD 17 - David Campos

Superior Court Judge, Seat 20 - Daniel Flores

Public Defender - Jeff Adachi

SF Board of Education - no endorsement

BART Board, D8 - no endorsement


State Props

NO on 1 - anti-environmental water bond

NO on 2 - rainy day fund, when we should be stimulating the local economy

YES on 45 - limits on health insurance rate increases

NO on 46 - we support raising the malpractice award cap, but strongly oppose random drug testing

YES on 47 - changing some nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors

no consensus on 48 - casino referendum; we were split on this, so we'll present the arguments made by Greens on both sides of the debate

YES on 49 - statement opposing unlimited corporate bribes (this was pulled from the ballot, so we won't get to vote on it, but we'll still express our opposition to corporate-owned politicians)


Click below to read our complete Voter Guide:

Read more: November 2014 endorsements

November 2015 endorsements

These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the November 2015 election.  We will be mailing a postcard like the one below to all our members, so if you can donate to this effort please click the "Donate" link to the left.


Our complete Voter Guide is now posted.  Click "read more" to see full explanations of the reasons behind our endorsements.


Local candidates:

Mayor: #1 rank: Francisco Herrera , #2 rank: Amy Farah Weiss (this is a ranked choice seat, so vote for multiple people in order of your preference)

Sheriff: Ross Mirkarimi (sole endorsement)

Community College Board: Wendy Aragon (sole endorsement; this is NOT a ranked choice seat, so the person with the most votes wins, even if not a majority)

SF Board of Supervisors, D3: no candidate from District 3 sought the Green Party's endorsement

SF City Attorney: no endorsement

SF District Attorney: no endorsement

SF Treasurer: no endorsement


Local propositions:

NO on A: "affordable housing" bond with few restrictions and little oversight on what the money will be spent on

YES on B: more paid parental leave for City employees

NO on C: "ethics reform" that would stifle grassroots organizing against the Democratic Party Machine

NO on D: Mission Rock luxury development near the Giants stadium

NO on E: "sunshine and open government law" that would make it easier for corporations to stack public comment; also a stalking horse to circumvent campaign spending limits for next year's Supervisorial race in District 1

YES on F: real regulations on Airbnb and other fake hotel companies

NO on G: "renewable energy truth" act allowing PG&E to lie about how dirty their energy is

YES on H: clean energy act put on the ballot to counter PG&E's deceptive Prop G

YES on I: temporary moratorium on building luxury housing in the Mission

NO on J: "legacy business historic preservation fund" that would create a slush fund for the Democratic Party Machine to reward favored businesses

YES on K: initiative requiring development of 100% affordable housing on smaller publicly owned properties that are developed for housing, and a mix of luxury and affordable housing in larger developments on public property


Click below to read our complete Green Voter Guide:


Read more: November 2015 endorsements

June 2014 Endorsements


These are the SF Green Party Endorsements for the June 2014 election.  We are mailing the postcard below to all our members, so if you can donate to this effort please click the "Donate" link to the left.



Our complete Green Voter Guide is now posted with longer explanations for each endorsement; see below.



  • No on A, a $400 million local bond measure that claims to fund fire and police stations, but is not actually required to
  • Yes on B, the right to vote on Waterfront development that exceeds the current height limits.
  • Congress, D12 - Barry Hermanson (website)
  • State Assembly, D17 - David Campos (website)
  • Superior Court Judge, Office 20 - Daniel Flores (website)


  • Governor - Luis Rodriguez (website)
  • Lt Governor - Jena Goodman (announcement)
  • Controller - Laura Wells (website)
  • Treasurer - Ellen Brown (website)
  • Secretary of State - David Curtis (website)
  • Yes on 41, a bond measure to fund supportive housing for veterans
  • Yes on 42, a requirement for local govenments to follow open meetings and public records laws

Click below to read longer explanations for each of our endorsements:

Read more: June 2014 Endorsements