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Republicans, not Russia, have hacked U.S. elections for years. Democrats and corporate media are silent about it.……

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Julian Assange should be free. But he needs to be quiet. His tweets are getting crazier and crazier. Give this guy……

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Now San Francisco please 👏…

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Our supermajority Dem state STILL uses prison labor to fight fires because... cheap slave labor!…

3 days ago

You can register to vote as a Green Party member on-line here -- and here is why……

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Dems claim to care about health, science, education, etc. But they don't vote that way.…

5 days ago

In a region that fetishizes entrepreneurship, tech firms get rich, while street vendors get fined for same behavior…

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The Democrats and Republicans can always agree that we should never cut military funding even when a general recomm……

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Slowly but surely! Registering voters to go GREEN! People won't know unless you go out there and let them know abou……

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Look at the "rising star" Dems... voting for $700 Billion to flush into the overfunded military.

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Help Wanted

Paid contractor wanted: SF Green Party Fundraiser/volunteer coordinator

  • Part time independent contractor (1099) position
  • Approximately 10 hrs/week, working from your home
  • Earn $15-30/hr, based on commission

The SF Green Party (SFGP) is seeking part-time contractors to help us raise money for voter outreach (primarily, booth fees and costs of our voter guide), as well as to help coordinate volunteers.


  • Raise funds for the SFGP by calling registered Green Party members in SF. This will include "cold calling" as well as contacting our previous donors. Lists will be provided.
  • Update the SFGP's database with phonebanking results, including people who wish to volunteer, have moved or changed phone numbers.
  • Provide information to members about current SFGP activities, including volunteer opportunities, events, and meetings.  Coordinate members wishing to volunteer via follow-up phone calls and/or email.


  • Prior phone canvassing experience (e.g., either volunteer or paid progressive work for a progressive campaign).
  • Knowledge of SFGP activities. The contractor must remain aware of upcoming tabling opportunities and meetings, as well as party strategy, in order to answer questions from members.
  • Professional and discreet with sensitive personal and financial information. Enthusiasm and strong personal communication skills are also necessary.

The contractor will use their own telephone to contact SFGP members from the voter file, and will solicit donations by credit card or check. The contractor will also coordinate members wishing to volunteer for SFGP activities. Results of phonebanking will be entered into an online database. The initial contract will be for 100 hrs of work (approximately 10 weeks), and may be extended depending on
how successful the fundraising is. Pay will be commission-based: 50% of donations received, with a minimum rate of $15/hr and a maximum rate of $30/hr. The contractor will be responsible for all federal and state income and employment taxes, including self-employment taxes.

This position is available immediately and will remain open until filled. Women, people of color, LGBT persons, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. We will interview qualified applicants after we review their resume. Please submit cover letter and CV to the SF Green Party county council, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..