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How are the burgers at #FiveWhiteGuys? We haven't tried them.

3 hours ago

All the Dems' leaders are awful people who should be fired. We're just surprised that they haven't yet pinned this……

7 hours ago

The 2018 elections are over but San Francisco is still the most expensive city in the world. Now it’s time to brin……

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Willie Brown could teach a master class on "pay to play" but we doubt he'll divulge those secrets in a free lecture.

1 day ago

@RafaelMandelman Thanks, Rafael! Here's a good picture of Paul campaigning in your district, 15 yrs ago.

1 day ago in reply to RafaelMandelman

Trump has been a disaster for the environment. But so was Obama. People get confused about what the Democrats actua……

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50%-80% of the firefighters that are fighting the CA fires are *inmates*. They're prison labor, slave labor and the……

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Looking forward to apologies from all the Green-blamers now that @kyrstensinema has won in Arizona. (Democrat Sinem……

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The 6 year witch hunt to punish @wikileaks founder Julian Assange may end badly soon. #Whistleblowers deserve admir……

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My all Volunteer crew has recycled all of my #D4Supe signs that we know of. We had some help from other candidates……

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Greens endorse Francisco Herrera for Mayor!

The SF Green Party has endorsed Francisco Herrera for Mayor in 2015!


Francisco Herrera is a musician, a long-time Green, and an activist with the Living Wage Coalition.  On his website, he writes:


"The difference between myself and other candidates  is that the value I place in community voices over the desires of a handful of wealthy elite.


My campaign is committed to building affordable housing, community policing, funding community needs, and protecting the integrity of our diverse neighborhoods. As a community activist connected with movements across San Francisco, I know that there are solutions to the challenges we face if we open City Hall to the people."


Julia Carrie Wong covered a campaign event for the SF Weekly.  You can read more about Francisco's platform here.


Francisco needs donations to appear on the ballot, since the Green Party does not automatically get a ballot line in California elections.  Please donate to his campaign before June 9 to help him pay his filing fee, so that voters will have a Green choice this November!