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Join us this Wed, 6/26, for our monthly membership meeting, and next weekend for Pride! Agenda is online:…

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How Green is your Supe? Our legislative report card for 2018 is now posted:…

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Important thread. Support immigrants who may be at risk to check if they a removal order. Don’t do ICE’s fear monge……

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Celebrity Russiagaters. It looks like a game show. LOL…

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Condolences to all the Portlanders buried under this unexpected rockslide.…

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I’ve always been suspicious of this “wind turbines kill birds” story — I feel like people are too eager to gleefull……

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Happy Juneteenth! The Green Party is the largest US political party that supports #Reparations.

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Too bad the writer is such a wing nut, or we might make common cause against the corrupt Dem establishment in SF.…

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BART directors: why is ridership down? we probably need more cops to shoo out homeless people. yeah, that’s the tic……

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Trump's lame dog-wagging attempt hasn't fooled anybody except the most credulous conspiracy theorists.…

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Questionnaires posted for 2018 candidate forum

The SF Green Party will host several candidate forums for the November 2018 election:

  • Our first forum is for all the candidates except D4 Supe candidates, and is scheduled for Wed, Aug 29 from 6-9 pm.  It will take place in the theater on the 2nd floor of the Redstone Building, located at 2940 16th Street (between Mission and South Van Ness, 1 block from 16th St BART).    Please come to ask questions to the candidates who returned questionnaires, as well as invited candidates for Assessor and Public Defender, at this forum!
  • We will host a special forum / debate between D4 Supe candidates in the Sunset on Wed, September 5, at the Ortega Library (3223 Ortega St at 39th Ave) from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Other progressive organizations will also be invited to co-sponsor this event.


Active Green Party members are invited to decide on our candidate endorsements following each forum.  (Ballot measures will be considered at our regular monthly meeting on August 22.)


Please read candidates' answers to our questionnaires in advance, so we don't ask them questions they've already answered on the record.


Supervisorial candidates (D2)Nick Josefowitz


Supervisorial candidates (D4): Adam Kim, Trevor McNeil, Mike Murphy.  Note that we have made an early endorsement of Green Party member Mike Murphy (see website) in this race, but we will be considering additional D4 candidates for endorsement as well!


Supervisorial candidates (D6)Matt Haney, Christine Johnson


Supervisorial candidates (D10)Gloria Berry, Theo Ellington, Tony Kelly, Shamann Walton


School Board candiates:  Monica Chinchilla, Allison Collins, Gabriela López, Li Miao Lovett, Martin Rawlings-Fein, Mia Satya, Faauuga Moliga (late)


Community College Board candidates:  Brigitte Davila, John Rizzo, Thea Selby


BART Board candidates:   Brian Larkin, Janice Li, Jonathan Lyens