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Too poor to qualify for a bank account? We'll take away your cash.…

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We are surrounded by federal & state law enforcement. Our spirits remain high. Indigenous peoples have not and will……

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SFMTA Board of Directors just unanimously approved permanent illegal use of SF public bus stops by Silicon Valley tech shuttles. Shame.

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Greens will also join other groups rallying in Sacramento this Wed for #singlepayer health care in CA:…

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Join us this Wed at our monthly meeting, at the Redstone bldg from 7-9 pm. Agenda is posted here:…

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Mostly unregulated "Google Buses" may become permanent at #sfmta meeting tomorrow; please show up!…

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.@ggreenwald It's like watching the Vince Foster conspiracy theories unfold in realtime.

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Democrats refuse to learn anything from their epic 2016 failure and instead attack @SusanSarandon.…

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State DWR should never have put a "no pictures" clause in the contract. Voters need more transparent government.…

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And we thought they smelled bad on the outside.…

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SF Supervisors Report Card 2012

How Green is Your Supervisor?

This is a report card for the 2012 Board of Supervisors. It shows the most important votes in 2012, from a Green Party perspective, and whether each Supervisor supported or opposed our position on legislation. Some of the votes are on amendments to legislation.


We plan to release a report card every year on key Supervisorial votes.


If you don't know which district you live in, click here for a map.



Supported Green Party position
Opposed Green Party position


  D 1:
Eric Mar
D 2:
Mark Farrell
D 3:
David Chiu
D 4:
Carmen Chu
D 5:
Christina Olague
D 6:
Jane Kim
D 7:
Sean Elsbernd
D 8:
Scott Wiener
D 9:
David Campos
D 10:
Malia Cohen
D 11:
John Avalos
Sharp Park Restoration Y N Y N Y Y N N Y N Y
Sunshine Task Force Purge N Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y N
Wall on the Waterfront Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y N Y N
Stop Beach Chalet Soccer Fields N N N N Y N N N N N N
CleanPowerSF Y N Y N Y Y N Y Y Y Y
Mirkarimi Removal Y Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y N
Nudity Ban N Y Y Y N N Y Y N Y N
Free Muni for Low-income Youth Y N Y N Y Y N N Y Y Y
Overall Score 63% 0% 50% 0% 88% 75% 0% 13% 88% 25%






Sharp Park Restoration (1/10/12) - did the Supervisor vote to override the Mayor's veto of a proposal to transfer Sharp Park to the National Park Service? SF currently spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to maintain Sharp Park, a golf course on the coast of San Mateo county. The park is home to several endangered species, and maintenance will cost more in the future as climate change causes sea levels to rise. This proposal would have transfered the park to the National Park Service, who would have paid to convert the park to be used for recreational purposes (such as hiking and camping) that would not require expensive maintenance or further endanger the wildlife. This proposal required 8 votes to pass, so it failed.


Sunshine Task Force Purge (5/22/12) - did the Supervisor vote to purge progressives from the Sunshine Task Force? Conservatives on the Board removed Bruce Wolfe and other long-time members of the Sunshine Task Force, after the Task Force blew the whistle on the Board of Supervisors' violations of open meeting laws during their approval of Parkmerced redevelopment in 2011.


Wall on the Waterfront (6/12/12) - did the Supervisor vote to build more luxury condos for the super-rich along San Francisco's waterfront? The developers of this project got an exemption from the area's height limit, and plan to build a wall of high-rise luxury condos that will provide great views for their residents but create a canyon-like experience for those of us stuck at ground level.


Beach Chalet Soccer Fields (7/10/12) - did the Supervisor vote to support an appeal of the project's Environmental Impact Report (EIR)? The SF Rec & Park department is planning to replace a natural field on the west side of Golden Gate Park with artificial turf fields made from toxic recycled tires. The fields will be lit up at night with bright lights that will be visible from the beach. The complex will be rented to for-profit soccer teams, including many from outside of SF. The appeal of the EIR would have helped to stop this project.


CleanPowerSF (9/18/12) - did the Supervisor vote to challenge the PG&E monopoly by giving residents a choice to buy renewable power? This proposal required 8 votes to forestall a threatened Mayoral veto, and passed 8-3.


Mirkarimi Removal (10/9/12) - did the Supervisor vote to support Lee and Gascon's attempt to overturn the Sheriff's election and install another Mayor-appointed puppet? See the SF Green Party's statement on why we supported Mirkarimi remaining in office. This proposal required 8 votes to pass, so it failed.


Nudity Ban (11/20/12) - did the Supervisor support legislation that allows police to selectively ticket people (even children as young as 5 years old) for public nudity? Why are the supervisors who voted for this so concerned about naked children? Do they want the SFPD to take even more resources away from solving violent crimes and instead patrol City playgrounds looking for children mooning each other?


Free Muni for Low-income Youth (11/20/12) - did the Supervisor back a pilot program to provide free Muni passes to youth from low-income families?