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Join us this Wed, 6/26, for our monthly membership meeting, and next weekend for Pride! Agenda is online:…

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How Green is your Supe? Our legislative report card for 2018 is now posted:…

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Important thread. Support immigrants who may be at risk to check if they a removal order. Don’t do ICE’s fear monge……

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Celebrity Russiagaters. It looks like a game show. LOL…

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Condolences to all the Portlanders buried under this unexpected rockslide.…

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I’ve always been suspicious of this “wind turbines kill birds” story — I feel like people are too eager to gleefull……

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Happy Juneteenth! The Green Party is the largest US political party that supports #Reparations.

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Too bad the writer is such a wing nut, or we might make common cause against the corrupt Dem establishment in SF.…

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BART directors: why is ridership down? we probably need more cops to shoo out homeless people. yeah, that’s the tic……

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Trump's lame dog-wagging attempt hasn't fooled anybody except the most credulous conspiracy theorists.…

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Resolution in support of Midtown Tenants

SF Green Party Resolution in support of Midtown Tenants


The San Francisco Green Party opposes the proposed demolition of existing homes at Midtown Park. In addition, the San Francisco Green Party supports Midtown residents’ decision to ask for the removal of Mercy Housing as the City’s leaseholder of the property.

In 2007, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors resolved the following guiding principles to afford Midtown residents the opportunity for housing sovereignty: 1) prevent displacement, 2) involve tenants, 3) protect long-term affordability, 4) explore alternative ownership structures, and 5) ensure safe, sanitary, and decent housing. The proposed demolition does not honor this resolution which was passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors and signed by former Mayor Gavin Newsom. The proposed demolition, in fact, will result in the violation of all of the above guiding principles.

Midtown residents have detailed a problematic relationship with Mercy Housing and as such are aggrieved. Mercy Housing has received these grievances from residents and residents have stated that Mercy Housing has not acted in good faith to address them. These grievances include the following: 1) Reduction of security staff, 2) Creating adverse conditions for seniors—prohibitions from moving to ground-floor apartments, 3) Entering apartments without notice and permission, 4) Unresponsiveness of Mercy on-site manager, 5) Increases in fees for Parking allotment/tow threats, 6) withholding vacant units from seniors and family members on wait-list, 7) “Change of tenancy” threats which would result in rent increases, 8) Deferred maintenance—broken fixtures, mold, improper disposal of renovation debris, 9) failure to keep adequate records, 10) failure to abate nuisance from pests, 11) misuse of property—tenancy by Mercy Housing staff, and 12) harassment—after hours notification/communication.

Midtown was built in response to the razing of the Fillmore—Western Addition in the last Redevelopment era. Residents whose homes were taken by the City using eminent domain were given few relocation options. Midtown Park was one. The last vestiges of the community that was forcibly relocated by Redevelopment remain at Midtown. That community was given assurance that they could buy in and secure their homes for the future. Others have joined them in their endeavor to build and maintain a healthy and vibrant community and work to develop their full potential as such.

Demolition of homes to create “affordable housing” will directly and indirectly displace residents at Midtown. Mercy Housing has proven to be unwilling to address residents’ current concerns while entering into a profitable future agreement with the City. The City and Mercy Housing should not be in the broken social contract business.

The San Francisco Green Party supports the residents of Midtown in their endeavor to keep their homes and to continue to work to maintain and enhance their sense of community and quality of life.